Highways England

Highways England Common Induction Course

Overview in brief
This induction course is recognised as best practice for those visiting or working on the Highways England Strategic Road Network (SRN). A lack of training and awareness of danger can lead to poor safety records. That can have serious repercussions on organisations, employees and the wider community. This course will tackle those issues.

By the end of this course, you’ll:
 Understand what is Customer Service to Highways England and the Supply Chain
 Understand the main requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act
 Gain an overview of Highways England’s minimum expectation for working on their strategic road network (SRN)
 Gain a basic understanding of temporary traffic management
 Be able to review fatal risks that occur when working on the SRN
 Be able to identify the essential health and wellbeing points to consider in the workplace
 Be able to identify and describe main environmental issues found on sites
 State the impact upon themselves, their lives and their families and friends of a serious accident at work
 Be able to identify examples of poor behaviour on a works site
 Be able to describe how health and safety knowledge and good working practice can improve behaviour on a works site
 Successfully undertake end of course test (pass mark 75%).

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